13 magnificent lighthouses, among the most beautiful in the world, to visit at least once in his life

The lighthouses have always guided the sailors to safety, preserved them from the rocks, and pointed out their dangers. Allied precious seafarers, sometimes even inhabited by their guardians, even if fewer and fewer, they are a typical and indispensable element of the coastal landscape.
But these elegant buildings that project their lights far into the horizon can be astonishing, impressive, fascinating, in many ways. Across the world, there is a multitude of styles, shapes and colors. We propose you to discover some ...
1. Kovalam Lighthouse, India
Lined with palm trees, this lighthouse built in the purest European style by the British colonists seems to denote a bit in this landscape of Indian beach. Climbing its 142 steps, visitors can admire a superb view of the island of Poovar and the famous mosque of Beemapalli
Credits: Pikoso.kz/ Shutterstock
2. Lindau Lighthouse, Germany
The most southern lighthouse in Germany is on Lake Constance! But even if it is a lighthouse of fresh water sailors, it is nonetheless very important, and very majestic. This medieval tower, built in 1856, even has a clock, and was built to watch this three-fold border area between Germany, Switzerland and Austria
3. The Torre de Hércules, Spain
The "Tower of Hercules" owes its name to the legend of the famous mythological hero, who would have buried here one of the heads of the giant Geryon. Apart from that, not much, it is simply the oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation today! Built under the Roman Empire, it dates from the 1st century (!) And successively experienced all the advances of maritime lighting: from fire, it switched to oil in the 19th century, then to electricity in The 1920s, before being equipped with a radio beacon these days. It was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2009.
4. Fanad Lighthouse, Ireland
This magnificent lighthouse is located in County Donegal, the northernmost of Ireland. This stunning wilderness area was voted "the coolest place on earth"  by National Geographic. And we understand why!
5. Lighthouse of Chania, Greece
Originally built in the 16th Century, this Egyptian-style lighthouse was destroyed during the Turkish occupation before being finally rebuilt between 1824 and 1832. One can still see the original base of the lighthouse, which has been preserved.
6. Low Lighthouse Lighthouse, England
Bizarroid with its nine "legs", this strange edifice on stilts is entirely made of wood. It is on a beach, not far from the town of Burnham-on-Sea, of which it is the only lighthouse in operation.
Credits: ian woolcock / Shutterstock
7. Nest Point Lighthouse, Scotland
Located on the island of Skye at the westernmost point, this lighthouse is at the end of a tongue of land with torn cliffs. Visitors can reach it after a short hike on a pretty path that overlooks the sea ... 
8. The lighthouse "Les Éclaireurs", Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
In the Beagle Channel, whose dangerous and frigid waters are frightening the most experienced navigators at the entrance of Ushuaia Bay, is the lighthouse Les Éclaireurs, one of the most South of the world. At the southern tip of Patagonia, where the Andes cordillera ends its course to plunge into the waves towards Antarctica, the rocks shelter the seals and the penguins that sometimes come to rest. It is the Great South, the "end of the world", and this lighthouse is the immutable lookout.
9. The lighthouse of Tourlitis, Greece
Perched as if in equilibrium at the top of a rocky spur, this lighthouse literally seems to want to defy gravity. A spiral staircase in the stone allows access to it.
Credits: Lemonakis Antonis / Shutterstock
10. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Dannemark
When it was built, at the beginning of the last century, there was no sand dune, and it was much more inland than today. Today, the building has its feet in the sand, and the sea is so close that it is now on the coast! 
Credits: JakubD / Shutterstock
11. The Hook Lighthouse, Ireland 
Built more than 800 years ago, it would be the oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation having preserved its original structure
Credits: matthi / Shutterstock
12. The Lighthouse of Split Rock, United States
Located in Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior, it is once again a freshwater lake, which dominates the waves from the top of a cliff of 40 meters
Credits:  iStock / stta
13. Le Phare des Baleines, Isle of Re, France
The lighthouse owes its name to the fact that a relatively large number of whales had run aground at this point on the Île de Ré in the past. The former lighthouse, classified as historic monuments, was built by Vauban before being rebuilt

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