A film about the origins of the Joker is in preparation and Scorsese could produce it

The Joker is going to have his own movie! Warner Bros Studios is developing it. And for its production, the name of the great Martin Scorsese was pronounced.
Associated with DC Comics, Warner decided to make a spin-off on the terrible Joker. This character known to be a sworn enemy of Batman will have the right to his own film. This one will focus on the story of the villain. His plot will take place in Gotham in the early 80s. Warner wants to create a black and realistic film.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
The Deadline website unveiled this information last night by adding that Todd Philips ("Very Bad Trip", "War Dogs") will be the director of the feature film. The filmmaker is currently writing his script with Scott Silver ("8 Mile").
The media has made it possible to find Martin Scorsese in production . This news is to be taken with tongs because the Hollywood Reporter affirms on its side that this participation is not 100% sure and that it is still under discussion.
This project could however attract the director who has already worked on movies with characters as tortured and crazy as the Joker. We think of Travis in "Taxi Driver" or Rupert Pupkin in "La Valse des Pantins".
Regarding the actor who should interpret the young Joker, no name has yet leaked. According to Deadline, his interpreter will have to be younger than Jared Leto. The American actor seen in "Suicide Squad" will not lend him his features. But who will have the heavy task of succeeding Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger? To find out, you have to be patient.
We hope that with this new 100% Joker film, we will have as many shivers as when we discovered the character in the Batman Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan.
Within a few months, more information is expected. Do not worry, we will keep you informed of the progress of the project.

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