A rare white koala was born at the Zoo of Australia and you can find him a name

Attention sensitive souls abstain! The following pictures are extremely cute and could melt you on the spot.

This white hairball is a white koala female. An extremely rare thing in koalas and not due to albinism but to a recessive gene transmitted by his mother.
Photo Credit:  Australia Zoo
This gene called by the scientists a "gene of silvering" makes that the babies are born with this coat so clear that will darken from the adulthood reached.
Photo Credit:  Australia Zoo
Dr. Alistair Melzer of Queensland Central University said he had not seen a white koala for more than 20 years of wildlife observation.
Photo Credit:  Australia Zoo
With such a coat, the poor koala would never have had the chance to survive in nature, the light color of his coat did not allow him to camouflage.
Photo Credit: Australia Zoo
But be assured, the pretty female koala flows happy days at the Zoo of Australia where the healers are very happy to look after her! Moreover, the Zoo of Australia has decided to solicit its Internet users to find a small name!
So if you have any ideas, you can post a comment on the Facebook page of the zoo:

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