In India, the Kasadi River would make the Street dog blue due to industrial dyes

If you stroll through the streets of Mumbai, you will come across dogs with the unusual coat. Near the Kasadi River, stray dogs with blue fur furrow the surroundings.
This color is not innate, nor magical, but it is due to the products that companies pour illegally into the river.

Photo credit:  Arati Chauhan
In this industrial area, dogs bathe, seek food or drink without fear of anything. Yet this water is extremely toxic, according to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation which carried out tests, water has a very high chloride level not allowing aquatic life to survive.

Photo credit:  Arati Chauhan
Photos of the dogs in support, the group Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell filed a complaint with the Commission of Control of the pollution of Maharashtra this Thursday.
For them, the animals suffer because of the dyes that are discharged into the river. Collected by an animal protection company, one of these dogs would become blind because of these dyes which are very often used for detergents.
Photo Credit:  Weirs World
For the time being, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission has warned the local plant that would be responsible for the release of these industrial dyes into the Kasadi River.
According to an official source from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission quoted by One India, the company has violated the rules concerning water and air pollution and would have only 15 days To put themselves in order, under penalty of sanctions.
At present, the state of the Kasadi River would be of greater concern, its level of pollution would be 13 times higher than the standards imposed. Moreover, it is now very difficult to know whether, in addition to these dogs, other animals could have been victims of these industrial dyes.

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