In Los Angeles, the streets were repainted in white to fight the heat!

Painting against global warming? This is in any case the experience that Los Angeles tries these days by painting its streets with a special white gray coating.
The city of angels will no longer bear his name for nothing! While it is experiencing spectacular temperature rises of up to 40 degrees Celsius, global warming forces the City of Los Angeles to fight the heat by painting its streets with a special white gray coating.
Photo credit:  davideryu
Although this information may be smiling, this test is taken very seriously by experts in ecology!
Indeed, the bitumen alone can store 80 to 95% of the sunlight whereas the clearer coating reflects the light and therefore lowers the temperature of the ground.
Photo Credit:  Greg Spotts
In a demonstration for AFP, Jeff Luzar, vice president of Guardtop, the company that supplied the coating to the city of Los Angeles, demonstrates the effectiveness of the "cool pavement": " The heat here on the black surface ... it's 42, 43 ° C right now. And on the dry surface on the other side, when we put a single layer of white and we still have to put the second layer, that's 36 ° C. So we see a temperature difference of 6 to 7 ° C "
Several cities have already embraced other stratagems to lower urban temperatures. For example, some use roofing or plant trees, but light reflecting pavements are on the way to becoming a major solution to fight global warming!
Photo Credit:  Greg Spotts
First city to test these "fresh roadways", the Los Angeles Municipality wants to see how long it will take before the roads get dirty when passing cars. But wear is far from discouraging the deputy director of the Los Angeles Road Maintenance Office, Greg Spotts, who hopes this initiative will inspire other cities to take the plunge or push other manufacturers to develop other products .
In addition to being effective, the coating is far from being overpriced since 1.6 km would cost around 34 107 euros for a duration of 7 years. A solution with enormous potential therefore, for densely populated urban areas that do not know where to turn when the heat wave points the tip of his nose!

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