The official synopsis of "Glass", the crossover between "Split" and "Unbreakable", was unveiled

The plot of "Glass" was unveiled. The sequel to the 23-man personality is endowed with a salacious script, worthy of Mr. Night Shyamalan's greatest films.
Yesterday, the pre-production of the second part of "Split" began. The Universal studios then took the opportunity to reveal the script of the film.
As a reminder, this second feature will be a cross-over between "Split" and "Unbreakable" . He will tell the story of the two "heroes" of the film: David Dunn ("Unbreakable") and Kevin Wendell Crumb ("Split").
Photo Credit: Universal Studio
Here is his official synopsis :
David Dunn (Bruce Willis) will go after Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) and his many personalities to stop him. Meanwhile, Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), aka Mr Glass, resurfaced to disclose information of great importance to them.
This intrigue mixing the two universes announces an epic sequence ready to traumatize us .
For this opus, Mr. Night Shyamalan , in addition to being his screenwriter, will still be his director . The filmmaker has already characterized "Glass" as " comic book thriller completely crazy " . To realize it, he joins the producer Jason Blum. At the cast, we will find Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy in Casey Cook, the only survivor of The Beast.
The shooting of "Glass" will begin next month. Its US release is scheduled for January 18, 2019 . No French date has yet been revealed but it will not be long.

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