The series "Game of Thrones" would be the cause of the abandonment of thousands of Huskies each year

Actor Peter Dinklage sounded the alarm: since the beginning of "Game of Thrones" the number of abandoned Huskies has increased by 700%. An unacceptable phenomenon for the interpreter of Tyrion, which he denounces in video with the association PETA.
Photo credit: HBO
This week the PETA association , protector of the animal cause, has positioned itself on the condition of the Huskies in the world. According to her, a mass abandonment of this dog breed has plagued the United States and England since 2011. The reason for this sad phenomenon? The "Game of Thrones" series.
Indeed, with the success of the show is born in some blind desire to own a wolf. As the Huskie is the dog most resembling Stark wolves, the number of adoptions has increased, but as much as the number of drops ... This mode of wanting to own a "wolf dog" has resulted in a 700% increase in the number of Abandoned Huskies.
It's a fantasy. People like fantasy, without worrying about the reality of having to look after such a dog," said Patty LaCava, a member of the Bay Area Huskie Club.
For Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion in the series, this is unacceptable. In a video, the actor calls the fans not to buy Huskies if they are not ready to take on the charges: " The shelters indicate that many of these Huskies are abandoned, as often happens when buying a Huskies Dog on a whim, without really understanding his needs ".
According to the association, this phenomenon of canine abandonment is not new. After the release of the film "The 101 Dalmatians" thousands of Dalmatians had been abandoned. This was also the case for the Chihuahuas after the film "Le Chihuahua de Beverly Hills" was broadcast.
Our colleagues from France Télévisions have produced a video summarizing the fight of the actor and PETA. The actor takes the floor and invites us to react to these repeated abandonments.
Through this poignant intervention , Peter Dinklage reminds us that the animals are not toys and that they ask for a great deal of involvement on our part to take care of them properly: " Make sure you are ready for such a responsibility and remember, You always, always adopt a dog from a refuge! " . The message is quite clear.

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