Too early for these holidaymakers, the rooster Maurice is summoned to remain silent and his mistress is threatened with legal proceedings!

We must save Maurice, the cock of the island of Oleron! This is the title of a petition that has already collected several tens of thousands of signatures. Indeed, the neighbors of Mauritius want his skin. Reason: the animal wakes them far too early, they who have recently built a holiday residence next to his henhouse.
"I live and I was born on the island of Oléron. We always had a henhouse, long before a residence was built behind our wall , explained Corinne Fesseau, the owner of Mauritius. For the past ten years, two houses have also joined behind our wall. Of the two neighbors, only one (who only comes three times a year) can not bear to hear the chanting of our cock . "
Corinne Fesseau / Facebook Photography
Every morning, in Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, Maurice proudly stands on his feet and sings with his lungs the new dawn. This pretty cock of Marans of two years lives in the company of its mistress, Corinne Fesseau, also singer of trade, which is also called over there the "Piaf of Oléron".  
A cock that sings in a small country commune, at the bottom, nothing abnormal at first glance. Yes, but here we are: for some time, vacationers recently settled in the region want to nail the beak to the august gallinaceous, not supporting to be awakened at dawn by the animal's vocalizations!
The neighbors in question, owners of a second home recently built on the land located behind the wall of the house of Corinne Fesseau, come to Oléron only three times a year, according to the latter. What does it matter: the crowing of the cock hinders them, and they are ready to mount on their ergots to make it known!
After filing a first complaint in May, after returning several times to the charge in July, they now threaten her with legal action if she does not find a "solution" within a fortnight, through a registered letter Sent by a legal conciliator. The missive cites several articles of law, references to the support ... and argues that by preventing them from sleeping, the cock "endangers their health"!

However, Corinne Fesseau had tried to appease the spirits and agreed to make efforts to arrange these neighbors! 
The singer thus caulked the chicken coop to prevent the daylight from passing, opening the door only at 8:30 am to accustom Maurice to shift a bit the time of the awakening. But the biological clock of the animal, which draws him from the bed from 6:30 am, is tenacious. To reduce the noise, inspired by the technique used to soundproof the singing studios, she even created a soundproofing of the house of Maurice, lining the walls of the box egg carton box (a pile!) .
Despite all the goodwill of the world and despite the attempts of Maurice's mistress, the neighbors seem determined to steal her from the feathers. So, in desperation, Corinne Fesseau launched a petition to save her cock, gathering to date more than 30,000 signatures. She even organized a march with Maurice through the village! Since then, the neighbors have no longer given a sign of life, for the moment at least.
"There are too many people who come on holiday and complained about the noise of the cows, dogs, frogs, bells, this is not normal, these sounds were there before them, they must accept," s' unworthy the singer. She is joined by Christophe Sueur, the mayor of Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, who says he is ready to ask for a municipal by-law to save Maurice's head, "It would certainly be a first , But here I consider that we are in a rural fabric, the cock crow is part of these elements, I will protect the cock to defend our way of life, simply "
The story is reminiscent of a similar event that occurred a few months ago when a Cantal breeder was forced to relocate his farm on the grounds that his neighbors, a couple of recently were not able to make themselves to the smell of these animals.

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