Doctrine Dark and Allen Snider will once again join the ring in Arika's new fighting game [TGS 2017]

Arika continues to recruit the forgotten characters from the Street Fighter EX series in the face of their mysterious fighting game known as 'Fighting EX Layer' , and this time it touches on two of the most picturesque: the disturbing Dark Doctrine and the little discreet Allen Snider.
Although both fighters were created by Arika , its debut in the first polygonal adaptation of the World Warriors makes that its biography is related to several personages of Capcom. In the case of Doctrine Dark, it is known that he was once under Guile's orders , but a failed operation against Rolento's military organization would lead to irreparable consequences.

For the occasion, Doctrine Dark has updated his combat clothing showing what looks like an armor -or exoskeleton- something tanned. Of course, that mysterious light sheet makes clear that it will continue betting on a style of combat that will combine the normal attacks with high technology tactical equipment.
On the other hand, and taking advantage of the Tokyo Game Show, the new trailer with Gameplay from the Akira project serves to formally present to Allen Snider after a brief teaser seen weeks before.

Allen only coincided with Ryu and company in the first 'Street Fighter EX' , although a few years later we would see him next to Blair Dame - another original fighter of the series EX - in the recreational 'Fighting Layer', this time of the hand of Namco . In this new saga of fight Allen will debut a rather striking Karategi with stars and colors that betray his enormous patriotism.
Originally, Allen borrowed several moves from Ken after being defeated by him in an American Martial Arts Championship, adding some variations of his own crop. Of course, for its design, Arika was inspired by the very Chuck Norris during his youth , although with some poses and gestures inherited of Bruce Lee. Little joke.
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Two additions that will delight the selectable panel of this still untitled project, but with a release date: Arika's new fighting game will be available the first day of April 2018 and a beta is expected on PS4 by the end of this year.