First data of the most powerful electric truck in the world

A few days after Tesla announces its expected electric truck, Bosch and its partner Nikola Motor Company have unveiled the first data of their industrial choice.
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The development agreement will bring to market fuel cells and the eAxle (electric drive shaft) of commercial vehicles for the electric truck with Nikola class 8 hydrogen engine.

Nikola One and Two

In 2021, the Nikola Motor Company will launch the Nikola One and Two, a line of Class 8 hydrogen trucks that will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and a torque of 2,700 Nm - almost double the horsepower of any current articulated truck - with "zero emissions" , as Nikola had already announced.
"Bosch is an incubator for electromobility solutions . Whether it's vehicle manufacturers or start-ups, Bosch is streamlining developments and helping to make rapid advances in the market, "said Markus Heyn, a member of Bosch's Board of Directors and head of Commercial Vehicles.
"We have been working with special emphasis to bring to market the most advanced articulated truck ever built," said Nikola founder and CEO Trevor Milton . "The development of the propeller made it necessary to have an innovative and flexible partner, capable of adapting with agility to the rhythm of our team. Bosch has enabled us to quickly reach the market through a combination of hardware and software, making our vision come true. "
The eAxle developed by Bosch is a scalable modular platform that includes the motor, power electronics and transmission in a compact unit. This makes it adaptable for any type of vehicle, from utilitatios to light trucks. Nikola and Bosch will use this know-how to market the world's first commercial all-wheel drive eAxle on a long-haul truck .
The eAxle will use the proven electric motor technology for commercial vehicles and Bosch SMG engines (Separate Motor Generator).
The eAxles will be paired with a custom-built fuel cell system - also jointly developed by Nikola and Bosch - and designed to offer a range of reference vehicles. The vehicle's general controls will also be developed jointly based on Bosch's vehicle control software and hardware.
Bosch and Nikola will also jointly develop the power transmission system of the Nikola line, which will include the concept of safety and electrical architecture of the vehicle. Using advanced simulation technologies throughout the entire development process, from system design to testing and validation, the Nikola One and Two trucks will be launched with one of the most optimized and advanced vehicle control and system designs in the industry. the mobility sector.