In Canada, Jean and George Spear died the same day after 75 years of love

This beautiful story, coming straight from Canada, will make you believe in true love. They had said yes until death had separated them, and the latter had taken them on the same day. Now they have eternity to love each other.
Married in 1941, it was 75 years that this couple originally from Ontario spun the perfect love. George Spear, 97, and her husband, Jean Spear, 94, died the same day, only a few hours apart.
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Last Wednesday, Mrs. Spear, suffering from pneumonia, was placed at Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. But according to Ottawa Citizen , just after hearing the news, Spear fell into a coma.
The couple joined the same hospital but the establishment did not have time to install them in the same room. John and George went away, united by a certain love.

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