Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse did not get along well during the filming of 'Superbad'

It has been 10 years since " Superbad " was released in cinemas. Although it might seem that we were before any comedy, nowadays we remember it as a true modern classic . The reason for this may be due in part to the fact that the film helped cast stars such as Michael Cera , Jonah Hill , and introduced us to unforgettable characters such as McLovin who, under the command of actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse , making it one of the most iconic and out of date of the film.
However, as idyllic as the relationship between the three interpreters might seem to see the film, the truth is that a decade later, Hill has come to the conclusion that his relationship with Mintz-Plasse was not really as wonderful as we might at first imagine , stating that he came to hate the actor because of his unprofessional behavior during filming.
Photo of 'Supersalidos'
Jonah Hill told The Ringer : "Chris immediately stopped me, very combative, I was very upset because this guy would not let me say anything." In addition, Seth Rogen has also confirmed that the relationship between the two was quite tense during the casting: "Jonah hated was treading all quotes from Jonah, being completely disrespectful to the process, probably due to lack of experience. I remember came of the room and Jonah said, "This guy did not," and we said, "My God, you do not know how much you make us love him now." "This first touch was directly in the castings when both actors were playing their role in the scene in which the character of McLovin reveals his false ID. The dialogue in that scene is full of harsh words between the characters which led Hill to feel somewhat attacked by his partner.

His other works

Maybe 'Superbad' was the first work as Christopher Mintz-Plasse's worst actor has not been the last. We saw McLovin in ' Kick-Ass. Ready to Crush 'or' Year One '. He has also coincided with Jonah Hill on a couple of more occasions , ' Juerga hasta el fim ' where they both interpret themselves and doubling the ' How to Train Your Dragon ' movies .
Hill's career is a bit more promising, he has been nominated for an Oscar twice : for " Moneyball: Breaking the Rules " and " The Wall Street Wolf " and is currently preparing the new Gus Van Sant ' Do not Worry , He Will not Get Far on Foot '.

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