Matt Damon vs. Donald Trump: actor reveals what it costs to shoot in a president's building

The current president of the United States has a total of 37 Trump buildings scattered across the globe. In all of them you can allow movie scenes to be shot, but not at any price. And even though the first thing we think of is an unfounded figure of money, it could not be further from reality. As confirmed by Matt Damon, the real and painful cost of filming in one of his incredible skyscrapers ... is to allow Donald Trump tomake a cameo in the film to be produced.
Matt Damon and Trump
The news has come to light through an interview of the American actor made by The Hollywood Reporter. Damon defined himself as liberal Democrat and admitted that he does not know the president personally, but that it is based on the history of the shooting of 'Esencia de Mujer' in 1992. The deal was that if they wanted to record in one of their buildings, they had to write a scene for him. Martin Brest had to write something in Scent of a woman - and the whole team turned it you had to waste an hour of your day to bollocks ". . He also wanted to clarify that the scene later could be eliminated in post-production, but the time spent in recording it is what makes the cost so important to producers."You lose a bit of time until you get permission and then you can cut /delete the scene, but I guess in ' At Home 2 ' they left it," the actor said.

The famous cameos

Although it seems quite an offense to those who are engaged in the world of interpretation, Trump already has more than 24 titles behind him in which he has had a stellar appearanceHe began to pick up all this in 1981, the year in which 'Los Jefferson' gave him the opportunity to appear on the small screen for the first time, and since then he has not stopped until 2013. Some of the most important films and series in which he has made of himself have been: 'Only at home 2: Lost in New York', ' A gang of rogues ', ' The Prince of Bel-Air ' and ' Sex in New York '.
But it is also noteworthy that he has performed an important work as a producer of various television events (especially misses) and has been nominated for Emmys (Primetime) by 'The Apprentice'. Besides that it owns a controversial star in the Walk of the fame.

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