Sonic and the customizable Hero split tow at supersonic speed in the new Sonic Forces trailer

After countless attempts, the evil Eggman has managed to conquer the world in Sonic Forces, but the funny thing is that - this time - he has done the tasks and has a plan so that a certain blue hedgehog does not spoil the day. And in addition to bringing together the greatest enemies of Sonic, has created the one that promises to be his definitive nemesis: a mysterious being called Infinite.
However, this time Sonic has two rather exceptional helpers: in addition to rediscovering his classic version , a new hero fully customizable will help him to eliminate the legions of enemies that Eggman has arranged in this new adventure. And, as you see in the new trailer, they will do so at supersonic speed.

Sonic Forces' gathers the witness of a very well received 'Sonic Mania' but also presents itself as a continuation of 'Sonic Generations', offering fans of the SEGA mascot celebrate 25 years since the debut of the King of Loopings since its debut in Megadrive.
Elaborated by the team responsible for 'Sonic Colors' or 'Sonic Generations' , the objective is to bring together in one game the best of all editions, the allies he has been doing during these years and the most terrible enemies under a same story line, being able to traverse the classic phases in lateral scroll, as well as the modern three-dimensional scenarios, without renouncing to an unrestrained gameplay that adds some new tricks .
'Sonic Forces' will be available starting next November 7 on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, with interesting incentives if we make a reservation for the physical copies, including an exotic costume for our customizable hero inspired by' Person 5'.