Pokemon Ultrasol and Pokemon Ultraluna: Mantine Surfing and a new shipment of news in its latest trailer

The yellow fever returns to seize the consoles : while the 3DS receive today through the Virtual Console the reissues of 'Pokémon Gold Edition' and 'Pokémon Silver Edition' , Pikachu and company debuted in Switch with 'Pokken Tournament DX' . But Nintendo still had a letter to show to round off the day: a new trailer for 'Pokémon Ultrasol' and 'Pokémon Ultraluna'.

On this occasion, we will see the return of some Pokémon from previous generations, confirming that we can find more than 400 Pokémon (practically a hundred more than in Pokémon Sun and Moon counting evolutions, of course) in Alola.
In fact, and following the line of previous releases, many of the Pokémon can only be found in one of two editions . For example, Houndoom will only appear in the high grass in 'Ultrasol Pokémon', whereas if we walk through those same high grass areas in 'Ultraluna Pokémon', we will encounter Manectric.
But we will also go on adventures with the good Tilo and a Lylia who is determined to do the tests of the island tour. In fact, in 'Pokémon Ultrasol' and 'Pokémon Ultraluna' some of the island tests will be performed differently and we will even face some completely new ones.
Of course, the trailer reviews some of the new features already known as the Fotoclub de Alola or the new Z moves to which we will access through the Z Superpulse . But perhaps what has attracted the most attention is the Surf Mantine : a new Pokémon that besides serving to travel around the archipelago will allow us to access a curious sport discipline in which we can perform spectacular acrobatics.

The Japanese version of the trailer is a bit more complete, although in essence it does not offer many more new features. Of course, it does not hurt to offer that extra minute of gameplay . As expected, these will not be the only changes we'll see in 'Ultrasol Pokémon' and 'Ultraluna Pokémon'. Necrozma has managed to merge with Solgaleo and Lunala and we will see at least two new Ultra-Ons . What caused this situation?
'Ultrasol Pokémon' and 'Ultraluna Pokémon' will come exclusively to 3DS, starting on November 17 , although perhaps you should save for Pokéballs and a new backpack: to get you with those 400 Pokémon you will need some extra space.