Tahar Rahim confides in his upcoming US plans

After Tahar Rahim's "Award of Success", Tahar Rahim is awaited in two American projects: in the role of Judas in front of the camera of the director of "Lion", and in the series "The Looming Tower" inspired by the events of September 11th.

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After the Award of Success , Tahar Rahim  will be casting two projects shot across the Atlantic. First, a feature film by Garth Davis , with Rooney Mara  and Joaquin Phoenix , and then in his first American series, The Looming Tower , which is currently being shot.
At the microphone of AlloCiné, the actor agreed to tell us a little more about these projects to come:
Tahar Rahim , comedian: Just after the Award of Success, I shot a film by Garth Davis who directed Lion. It is the story of Mary Magdalene, where she is not a prostitute but an apostle in her own right. I interpret Judas there. And now I'm shooting a series in the United States called The Looming Tower, which is the adaptation of a book by Lawrence Wright, who won the Pulitzer Prize. These are just real facts. This is the story of the rise of a young FBI agent in the FBI's anti-terrorist cell. It tells their track of Al Qaida until September 11th. But above all, and this is what makes it original, the problems of work and communication between the CIA and the FBI ultimately favored the terrain of 11 September.

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Tahar Rahim already has several international experiences to his credit, including the British feature film The Eagle of the Ninth Legion by Kevin McDonald, released in 2011.
Is it very diifferent to turn for the United States? 
There are not many differences. There is just more means and a way of approaching the actor's trade that is different. It is much more industrial. People come, work. They do their work like real hustlers, that is, they all know their text. They are ready for their character. They give you the answer when you have to. They do not leave the plateau before the hour. Everything is really very very professional. But around that, there are not necessarily strong emotional ties that can be created as it happens on our films here. So one into the other, it balances itself. 

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