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With the weekend comes the time to leverage on the sofa, disconnect everything and enjoy a good reading that lasts longer than the time it takes to go to the bathroom. To help you with the first (for the second is the fiber), here are some of the most interesting readings we have found during the last week.

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  • AllGamers : Is that a motherfucking Persona reference? - " But, where does the idea of ​​the use of people come from?" It turns out that in 1989 Stardust Crusaders, the third bow of JoJo's, was about the adventures of Jotaro in Egypt.If formerly the Joestar had fought with punches and some powers called hamon (like the one of acorn) closer to the roll of Hokuto no Ken, from this point they appear the Stands, a personification of the vital energy of its user ".
  • Hidden Level : Everything, the interactive holistic of David O'Reilly - " There is a trend in the game that reinforces the idea that a distancing from traditional perspectives can shed a new and differential light on what we know, we believe we know: the further we find ourselves in the scales and dimensions that are habitual for us, it increases the level of complexity, detail, and beauty of the objects. Under the surface (or above it) of the creatures that exist in our same scale resides the real adventure . "
  • Presura : The evolution of the city in the video game - " The city, in Age of Empires, is an abstraction, does not exist. It consists of numerous buildings built around an" urban center "and disconnected from each other, there is no infrastructure Each building fulfills a specific function, the urban center "creates" villagers, barracks, soldiers, houses allowed to increase the population, etc. The urban planning of the city does not exist and depends solely on the will of the player. This design decision is linked to the way in which the video game is presented, strongly influenced by previous titles such as Command and Conquer (1995), Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) and the seminal Dune II (1992) gameplay ".
  • Start : The new cycle of God of War - " If Kratos is the father and mentor of Atreus, his son is the anchor that humanizes the ancient god of war and is the guide that introduces him to the Scandinavian world, since Kratos does not he speaks the local language and needs a translator.His son guides him in the path of trust, making him see that not everyone is against him and that this is a good reason not to be again the ghost of Sparta and let anger will consume you again. "
  • Equilateral : Crypt of the Necrodancer: dances to death - " Crypt of the Necrodancer deceives may seem a roguelike in which the rhythm sets the pace of shifts, but it's a whole package for something different and unique: a musical game identification. and execution of sequences of dance steps that must be ordered in the best possible way to survive, as if it were a puzle . "