The return of the end of the world (according to an obscure story of biblical astrology and numerology)

 Do not wanna get up tomorrow? It's good, this Saturday, September 23rd, is the end of the world. Again? And yes, in any case, if we believe obscure statements from evangelical Christians. For example, the Unsealed site has set up a countdown for a few days for this fateful date.
return of the end of the world

Do not panic though. If you had the ounce of a doubt, you are reassured: all this is abracadabranteque. One only has to see the arguments cited by one of the authors of this theory , David Meade, questioned by the Washington Post .
To put it simply, the one who calls himself a scientist (without explaining in which university) starts from a reading of the Bible. And a lot of bad faith. "Jesus lived 33 years, the name Elohim, the name of the god of the Jews, is quoted 33 times," he said. The relationship with September 23? It will be just 33 days that the solar eclipse over the United States took place on August 21st.
A woman, dragons, but no White Walkers
Not convinced? You do well, but David Meade has other arguments. He recalls that in the Apocalypse of John , a woman wrapped in sunlight with a moon under her feet and a crown of stars must give birth to a child who will rule the world (while threatened by a seven-headed dragon ).
For some evangelical Christians, like Gary Ray , one of the authors of Unsealed, this prophecy is squarely being realized, explains the Washington Post . The constellation of the Virgin would represent this woman and it should precisely be encircled by the Moon, nine stars and three planets. And he would give birth to Jupiter, who happened to be in the corner.
The whole is explained in a video full of synthesized images that has been seen more than 3 million times.
Evidently, the conspirators recall that if nothing happens on September 23rd, it simply means that the beginning of the apocalypse is coming. For David Meade, it will eventually take the form of an entire planet that will sink to Earth.
After Nibiru and Niburu 2012, the return of Nibiru
Named Nibiru, it would normally destroy us in 2003. Then on December 21, 2012, to stick to the new cycle of the Mayan calendar. Obviously, it is totally impossible that a massive planet approaching us could have escaped the scientists, recalled in 2012 the Nasa .
Especially since this planet having an orbit of 3600 years according to these theories, it would have already had to pass several times in full heart of the solar system. What would have put a sacred bazaar in the orbits of different planets, recalls the American space agency.
This one is used to have to deny rumors of end of the world. In 2015, she recalled that no, there was no scientific basis to say that an asteroid could collide with the Earth in the coming months.
Not totally reassured? Know that even theologians do not believe at all in these affabulations. Ed Stetzer, an American researcher and pastor, simply states in an articlethat "when someone tells you that he has found a secret number in the Bible, stop the conversation."
Disappointed? Rest assured, it will soon be the end of the world again. The next prediction of the apocalypse, realized by the famous American self-proclaimed psychic Jeane Dixon, begins in 2020 . Whereof.

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