These are the images that hides the audio that we have sent to the aliens to make us known

Many are the missions that NASA accumulates, but some are left in the memory for reasons that sometimes escape their goal. Among these are the Pioneer missions 10 and 11, which we mention when talking about that great stranger still Jupiter , but the funny thing is that along with Voyager 1 and 2 are space missions contain messages for aliens .

These are the images that hides the audio that we have sent to the aliens to make us known,space,space news

Going a little over its mission, the Pioneer 10 and 11 and Voyagermissions were launched in the 70's with the intention of reaching beyond Jupiter and Saturn, in fact Voyager 1 was the first craft created by the human being that has reached the interstellar space. Having such distant destinations (or little concrete), in the space agency believed that it was a good idea to endow them with a kind of time capsule that stores sounds and images .

A cover letter in binary, but with "dibus"

Without putting us face to face that draw stories like those of 'Arrival' or 'Encounters in the third phase', we wonder what and how something is said to an entity. Do aliens see? Do you hear? Are there any? This we still can not answer (not absolutely), but in case the flies these four probes were endowed with a message.
In the Pioneer missions 10 and 11, previous to the Voyager, there were metallic plates that gave evidence of the place and time of creation of the ships. But at Voyager NASA thought of something more elaborate and more informative, including a phonograph recording with sounds and imagesthat could represent "the diversity of life and culture on Earth," according to NASA .
Disc 01,These are the images that hides the audio that we have sent to the aliens to make us known,space,space news
The symbols of the disc have to do with the reproduction of the recording among other things and are explained in detail on the web:
  • Top left: a representation of the phonograph and the stylus, which is in the correct position to start playback at the beginning of the recording. The circumference indicates in binary that the proper rotation speed is 3.6 seconds, expressed in units of 0.70 x 10 ^ -9 seconds, the period of time associated with the fundamental transition of the hydrogen atom.
  • Center left: another needle with another number in binary, in this case indicating the duration time of a face (about one hour).
  • Top right: indicates how to reconstruct the images from the audio signal, representing the waves and resorting to the binary.
  • Center to the right: the length of each line of the image (about 8 milliseconds) is indicated in binary, among other things, and the first image that would have to be seen if the signal is decoded: a circle.
Disc Symbols,These are the images that hides the audio that we have sent to the aliens to make us known,space,space news
The symbols at the bottom refer to other aspects beyond recording . These are the drawings on the metal plates of the Pioneer probes 10 and 11, the one on the left indicating the position of our Sun in reference to fourteen pulsars (of which the period is indicated) and the one on the right represented by an atom of hydrogen in two states.
In addition to the symbols and the recording there is a plaque of radioactive uranium which acts as an "hourglass"
In addition to this, the Voyager integrates a 238 uranium plate with a radioactivity of 0.00026 microcurios that acts as atomic "hourglass", so that the alien can calculate the time it has done since the plate was installed until that he receives it taking into account the decomposition of the element (there is time, according to the calculations half would decompose in 4.510 million years).

The images we send to the aliens

The first image is a circle, but what other things have we sent to other cosmic intelligences capable of deciphering it? This was raised by Ron Barry, who received an original copy of the audio in high fidelity by delivering the BoingBoing editor David Pescovitz (you can buy [the original vinyl will be sold soon and can already be booked on Ozma Records] ) and decided to emulate the role of extraterrestrial since a beginning and decode the images.
All his ideas, sketches and inquiries gathered them together in a document , which starts from deciphering the symbols we have described above, and continues with the decoding of the audio (at a level which, according to the author's words, is technically enough for another amateur try to recreate the process). There are 18 pages step by step, detailing each one in detail including deductions, units and tools.
Simply put, he started by using the Audacity software to see the waves and to be able to zoom (obtaining thus the saw waves) and finding that the recordings were made to 2x. He took the images from the measurements of the symbols (8 milliseconds per line, 512 lines per image, etc.), measuring wavelengths and translating to pixels, obtaining that first circle on a flat background that indicated the disk. It shows it in real time in a video in which it synchronizes the audio (very to the modem of 56k), with more than a hundred of images .

Thus, NASA decided to send a crocodile belly up, birds, hands, galaxies, silhouettes, athletes, representations of different cultures and mathematical and physical equivalences among many other things . It is curious that, although it is in any case familiar and even everyday figures, in some cases leave that haunting posed both for what is represented and why could interpret an alien to have skills such as reading, interpretation and deduction.
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