This is the new and impressive trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2

We had been waiting for months for this moment, but even more so since last week since Rockstar had us in today to see a great surprise that was prepared with ' Red Dead Redemption 2 ', one of the most anticipated games of this generation and more specifically of the year coming. The previous and first video left us wanting more and finally has remedied this with an impressive cinematic trailer.

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The most important thing that has left us is that we have been able to meet several of those who seem to be the main characters of this new delivery, being one Arthur Morgan one of the most important of this new journey that we will undertake the Wild West.

The second part gives the impression of maintaining at least the level of the previous 'Red Dead Redemption' with this new story of this outlaw and the band Van der Linde, whose sole objective is to rob banks, steal and do everything they can to survive. Of course we will not miss the shootings and all kinds of exciting moments and action packed, as the trailer ahead of us. All accompanied by a dubbing of ten.
The only data that has not been known is the exact date on which it will go on sale, warning that it will arrive in spring 2018 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 , something we already knew since last May . What we have clear is that Rockstar has done it again and has put the hype in the clouds