Like a mirage, two majestic white giraffes were discovered in Kenya

When we think of giraffes, the images that come to our head are often those of the goth of Rothschild and its big brown tasks or those of the giraffe Masaï, whose tasks evoke the shape of oak leaves ...
But here we are going to be interested in the reticulated giraffes of Kenya, also called "camelopardalis" in reference to their dress which is at the same time thinking of that of the camel and the leopard. And in particular two specimens whose dress is milky white, devoid of all tasks and colors.
These ghostly animals, which are usually known for their beautiful, bright red coat with straight lines, look like mirages through these groves ...
Indeed, this reticulated giraffe and her small, white-robed robes were discovered in the Ishaqbini reserve in Kenya.
This particularity is not, contrary to what one may believe, linked to albinism: it is another genetic condition called leucism. In this case, the cells in their skin do not produce pigmentation, but soft tissues, like their black eyes, are normally pigmented.
This feature, which has so far only affected the giraffes of Kenya and Tanzania, may prove to be problematic for their natural survival since it makes them a more visible target for their predators.
But, filmed in the video below by the Hirola Conservation Program (HCP) associated with Rainforest Trust (RT), giraffes are now safe in the reserve where these two associations protect the Hirola, the antelope more threatened world. So well fallen, the giraffes do not have to fear the poachers, and that reassures us!

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