'The Grand Tour' is back

Rimac Concept_One, or the electric that left Jeremy Clarkson with his ass crooked in 'The Grand Tour'

'The Grand Tour' is back . The last day of December 8 premiered the first episode of the second season of the largest car show, a program that transcends the limits of the automotive sector to become the most downloaded television show in the history of the Internet . With a budget of 250 million dollars per season, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have prepared great sessions of absurd entertainment seasoned with British humor with unrivaled means.
Means that have allowed to join three supercars for the start chapter among which highlights the Rimac Concept_One supelectric of 1,224 horses, almost a million dollars and only eight units in the world on the Lamborghini Aventador S and the Honda NSX . And yes, one of the eight existing ones ended up total sinister in this chapter.

The Rimac Concept_One, the protagonist of the premiere

Rimac Concept One
For the first time in the history of 'The Grand Tour', the program has had an electric supercar. Not just any supercar, but the simply stunning Rimac Concept_One, a Croatian beast that develops 1,224 horsepower electric in the most absolute silence.
This 100% electric sports car driven by Hammond represents the future in the conflict against the Lamborghini Aventador S of the past that Clarkson chose and the present of the Honda NSX hybrid of James May. With them they went to the winding Swiss roads to determine which of the three is better.
The Concept_One is not a car capable of astonishing with its numbers. Apart from adding more than 1,200 HP, has 1,600 Nm of torque with which catapults its stylized silhouette to 100 km / h from standing in 2.5 secondsand reaches a top speed of 355 km / h.
It also has all-wheel drive thanks to four electric motors, one per wheel, with Torque Vectoring function , the front ones have a single speed and the rear two-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The batteries of 650 V lithium that incorporates are unique, have a capacity of 90 kWh that allow you to reach a range of 350 km 

Although Hammond is a fan of American gasoline cars, he also quickly recognizes that the "the world's first electric supercar" is amazing. But of course, for Clarkson it is not enough and quickly he hits the electric hair removal machine .
Hammond's reply was blunt with "it's like watching the Battle of Waterloo from a spaceship" but Clarkson quickly stated that "the Rimac is very beautiful and I know it's very fast, but it can not do this [MUCH NOISE]", getting into a tunnel and giving free rein to its atmospheric 6.5-liter V12 .
As usual, to get rid of doubts, they looked for a place to subject the cars to an acceleration test and the Concept_One devastated , leaving Clarkson surprised when the traffic lights went out. "Look at Hammond, that Rimac has been fucked, I've never seen anything move so fast, at least not with license plate."
After being humiliated loudly, Clarkson went to retaliate by skidding until the right rear wheel of his Lamborghini came off the tire.

The accident of Hammond with the Rimac Concept_One

As apart from running in a straight line they needed a stage where they could measure how fast their cars were (mainly so that Clarkson showed that their Lamborghini could be faster than the Rimac) decided to look for a circuit , but in Switzerland the races are forbidden, as well that there are no circuits.
On the other hand, the races are allowed against the clock, so they looked for a mountain climb. The next one was 321 kilometers away, which caused Clarkson's mockery again when Hammond had to take his Concept_One up on a crane to have enough autonomy for training and race.
As usual Clarkson cheated placing a Lamborghini test driver in the Aventador S, but the great expectation we already knew was that it was not in the times, but in the accident that Richard Hammond suffered in the race after crossing the finish line and We all knew for months .
After seeing the dramatic images of the accident that fortunately survived Hammond, which speaks fairly well about the safety of a car that was completely destroyed after the impact and also burned for five days to ignite the lithium-ion batteries.
Rimac Concept One Richard Hammond accident
The best thing was that in an unpredictable turn May and Clarkson passed without making the slightest case to the incident giving as relevant data the best time of the Italian supercar against the stupor of Hammond.

Street Conversations

The Street Conversations section is one of those that have been maintained. In it the three presenters comment their impressions on some of the latest industry news in the same way they had been doing so far and replicating the old Top Gear section.
This way a section of the relatively quieter program that forms the counterpoint to the adventures for the world of the British trio is preserved , but that gives rise to a string of more or less argued biting comments.
In addition, it is still the only part of the show that encourages interaction with the public and gives a fresh touch to a program that, depending on which sections may still seem too scripted or repetitive.

Duel between Celebrities

One of the biggest changes introduced for this season is the suppression of the previous Cerebral Accident with Celebrities, in which the invited stars who attended a supposed contest suffered an accident on the way to the tent and died.
Yes, it was curious the approach, and had its grace (especially the header), but repeat the same formula again after each chapter ended up burning his spark and stopped surprising quickly, leaving as the only incentive how spectacular would be death of the famous. In addition they themselves recognized that there was a part of the public that, simply, did not like.
By the way, the honorific award for the best death of the first season was taken by Daniel Ricciardo with his spectacular and bloody hovercraft accident to the 'Final Destination'.
In return, a section of the program has been introduced, which can be much more useful. It really is very similar but the turn is interesting, recovering part of the idea used in Top Gear with the celebrities at the wheel of a reasonably priced car on the track of the program.
'Duel between Famosos' is a new face-off in which two celebrities taken from the same profession will face a Jaguar F-Type against the clock on a new track that opens this year in which half is asphalted and the rest is gravel. Something that undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the challenge.
Those responsible for opening Duel between Celebrities were Ricky Wilson and the incombustible David Hasselhoff , two singers who have been judges of talent shows, the first in England and the second in the United States.

An American less and a program that progresses properly

You have been able to verify that another of the absences in this first chapter is that of El Americano . NASCAR driver Mike Skinner tried to cover the absence under the Amazon umbrella of The Stig, a mission certainly difficult even though Skinner could speak and drop redneck humor pearls .
And this has been the case even though before the start of the season there were several teasers in which 'The Grand Tour' was looking for a test driver to shoot on their new track. Now we do not even know if they will recover the fast laps to their layout as a scale to measure the effectiveness of the cars.
In short, we must recognize that 'The Grand Tour' has evolved . It is a program that has listened to the large audience and modify what has not worked to put on the table a more attractive offer that makes us look forward to the rest of the episodes.