Dutch consortium builds first floating solar farm at sea in the world

Six Dutch companies and knowledge institutions are joining forces to work on the development, construction and operation of the world's first floating solar power station over the next three years. With a financial support provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the consortium is working on a floating power plant that will soon be able to generate clean energy by means of solar panels at sea in places where there is a scarcity of land.
The consortium consists of ECN, TNO, MARIN, TAQA and Oceans of Energy. In addition, Utrecht University is conducting research together with Oceans of Energy into the electricity production of a first prototype at sea. This is compared with production on land, as the production at sea is expected to be 15% higher on average.
What we are going to put down here in three years is special and has never been done before. Sunfish have already been laid on inland waters, but at sea this has not happened before because this is very difficult. After all, you are dealing with enormous waves and other destructive forces of nature. With the knowledge and experience of these Dutch knowledge institutes and companies from the offshore industry, we are convinced of success , "says Allard van Hoeken, founder and CEO of initiator Oceans of Energy. Van Hoeken previously realized the floating tidal power station Bluetec, which generated clean energy from the tides at Texel for a year and was appointed as Engineer of the Year in 2015 and was the first to receive the Prince Friso Ingenieursprijs.

Source :- oceansofenergy.blue

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