Amazon boards a new TV Series adaptation of Conan the Barbarian

In the radius of the most adapted characters of all formats, it is a safe bet that Conan the Barbarian does not get too bad. In obscure theaters, in books or even in comics, the famous adventurer with protruding muscles continues to be declined on multiple supports. After cartoon versions and an adaptation live action for the least cheap in the late 90's, the iconic warrior is about to return to the screen.
Amazon boards a new serial adaptation of Conan the Barbarian

Indeed, according to Deadline , Amazon's streaming platform has just started Conan, an umpteenth reboot of the universe of the character who intends to return to the literary origins of the latter. Pushed out of his homeland and away from his tribe, Conan will have to enter the ruthless world of civilization. A world that will quickly reject him and catalog him as a barbarian unable to think. At the time of the plot, no details have been provided.
At the helm of this project is Ryan Condal ( Colony ) as creator and screenwriter, while Miguel Sapochnik will be responsible for the production. In this regard, we should be in good hands, since Sapochnik had notably dealt with the acclaimed episodes of Game of Thrones , namely "Hardhome" and "Battle of the Bastards". If the series is officially ordered, we may therefore be entitled to scenes of fighting quite bluffing, and that's enough to heat us.

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