'Avengers: Infinity War': This way they avoided the leaks of the script

During the last years and since the social networks have been massified, the filtrations of some of the most important audiovisual products have happened year after year. Game of Thrones ' could be a perfect example of what you do not want to happen to your product. That's why Anthony and Joe Russo , the directors of the biggest movie of 2018 (' Avengers: Infinity War '), have taken all the necessary measures.
Anthony and Joe Russo

It has been the actor of the franchise Paul Bettany who in an interview for TotalFilm has 
given details about the tricks of the directors during the filming of the film: "When I read the script there were false scenes." I got the directors by phone and they guided me to They had already had three leaks, so they had written a script with many fake scenes, there were only three Hero iPads that had the true script, " Bettany declared.

It seems that the mad idea of ​​the Russo brothers has been successful so far, but that may have caused more than one headache to a member of the cast. In addition, the fans wonder if any of those scenes came to be filmed in order to have more weapons against the hackers and their leaks. We may never know for sure.

Great strategists

The dedication of the directors in this aspect is not new. Already during the filming of ' Captain America: Civil War ' they did not allow any of the actors to take the script home. They came to the set, were given their scenes and at the end of the day everyone should return their scripts. If there is no surprise leak we can enjoy 'Avengers: Infinity War' on April 27 in theaters.

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