DC wants Michael Bay to be the director of 'Lobo'

The latest decisions taken by DC around his films are increasingly questioned by his fans except for ' Wonder Woman ' (which is considered by critics to be the best with 76 out of 100 in Metacritic). Now they add to their many questionable artistic decisions to consider Michael Bay (aka the lord of the bombs) to be in charge of his new project . Prepare for a new debate.
Michael Bay
As The Wrap has reported , DC is considering Bay to direct 'Wolf' . The clear opponent of the triumphant ' Deadpool ' of Marvel. Lobo's character is up to a decade old Marvel hooligan and was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, first appeared in the Omega Men # 3 comics series.
Michael Bay may be a director detested by the most radical segments of the critics, but what is undeniable is his good work at the box office , where even with the latest films in the saga of ' Transformers ' has achieved very good data. For that reason it seems to make sense that the director has met with the directors of DC to be at the forefront of a project , which at the moment we only know that Bay has inspired a new rewrite of the first draft of the script written by Jason Fuchs , scriptwriter of the celebrated 'Wonder Woman'.

The Wolf of DC

Despite the surprise that for many may generate the discovery of the character of Lobo and even more the decision to sign Michael Bay as director at the head of the project, this film is not the first time he has been on the studio table .
In 2009 Guy Ritchie was already working on the project , then for reasons still unknown left the film and migrated to another project with little result as was ' King Arthur: The Legend of Excálibur ', also for Warner Bros, the same study behind from DC.
Which alternative seems better? One thing is clear, and that Michael Bay signing a comic book for DC could exhaust in a single day the budget of the project in explosives.

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