Far Cry 5: a video in 4k that shows three ways to neutralize a base

Far Cry 5 resurfaced through a 4K gameplay video recently released by IGN. In fact, our colleagues had the opportunity to spend time with Ubisoft Montreal, and to better understand some of these mechanics. One of them is to offer the player different possibilities to achieve one and the same goal, and this is precisely the purpose of today's sequence. For example, journalist Brandin Tyrrel shows how he enters a base in three different ways: using a sniper, playing the infiltration card, and taking out the heavy artillery. Of course, by heading into the pile head down, it will be expected that the enemies fight back, a drawback that will be spared by acting in the shadows.

We recall that the game is expected for March 27 next home on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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