Fishing Cactus Announces SHIFT QUANTUM - Story trailer

Quantum Shift trailer announced on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Shift Quantum is a black-and-white cyber-black action-puzzle platform game with a unique gameplay mechanism called Shifting. The latter makes it possible to create negative space by inverting the world and transforming the barriers into outputs and so on. Players will have to juggle between these two "worlds" to progress in the adventure.

On the story side, the title will put Axon Vertigo, the global authority in brain content programming, in the spotlight, promising to offer a "better quality of life for everyone". Connected to the Shift Quantum program, people enjoy an entertaining and relaxing experience, while Axon Vertigo analyzes the activity of their brains, in order to better understand how it works in terms of pattern recognition and creative thinking. All this with the desire to offer people what they were looking for: happiness. Of course, all this is just a facade to develop what enslave populations by collecting data from their own minds.

Shift Quantum will normally be available on Nintendo Switch , Xbox One , PlayStation 4 and PC in the spring of 2018.

SHIFT QUANTUM - Story trailer

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