Jamie Dornan explains why there are no front nudes in 'Fifty shades released'

To the dismay of many and many, Jamie Dornan has revealed that he will not show his most hidden charms in the latest installment of the ' Fifty Shades ' saga . This is what he has told Entertainment News , if you expected to reach ' Fifty shades released ' believing that for the closing of the saga the actor would show his penis, we regret to tell you that this will not happen .
Jamie Dornan
In his statements about why there is no naked front in the festive erotic film Universal Pictures, Dornan answered rumors that he was offered up to a million dollars to show his member with a laugh and saying: "They were 30 million dollars for showing a testicle. " "No, all that with offering more money to go nude," added the actor, "That did not happen."
Then the Christian Gray of Anastacia (and of many) explained that he never opposed to show more, as long as it was crucial for the plot , saying: "I do not know if I said I would not, my ass looks a lot. You see a lot of Dakota, like her breasts, I would show my breasts too, if I had them, I thought, we do not need to show the rest of me if it's not essential to the story, "she explains. "We're not doing porn, not as much as people think we do."

Goodbye to Dornan

When asked if the new film, 'Fifty shades liberated', would be the "last" in which he would participate in the saga, Dornan said: "Yes, I think so. I do not think there is any ... I mean that There are no other books EL James wrote the first two books again from Christian's perspective, but I think we've seen enough ... we've already done those movies, the same story, so they will not do that again " .
"Unless Erica keeps writing, but Dakota Johnson and I are ... particularly me, I'm getting too old for ... for this," with which the 35-year-old actor settled the issue forever.
'Fifty shades released' arrives at the cinemas on February 9, 2018 with all the expectation and curiosity offered by the expected outcome of the erotic trilogy.

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