Slender Man case: 40 years of psychiatric detention for the teenager who stabbed her friend

US court ruled: the 1 st of February, Morgan Geyser, the girl who tried to kill a friend to offer a sacrifice to the Slender Man, was sentenced to spend 40 years in a psychiatric hospital.

Since 2014, the Slender Man case was in the hands of US justice. The challenge was to try two teens, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, who stabbed their friend Bella in a forest for sacrifice at Slender Man in Waukesha, Wisconsin. For those who do not know this urban legend , born in 2009 on the Web during a photo contest, the so-called one is a long-limbed, sprawling and unrecognizable person who spies on children, to remove them and torture them.

Become a meme , this creature ended up haunting, literally, the minds of two teenage girls. On May 12, 2014, Morgan was turning 12 years old. That day, she was hosted by her best friend Bella ( whose real name is Payton Leutner ) and Anissa, with whom she shares her fascination with the Slender Man. The trio passes, like all young people their age, a good part of the evening on the computer, before falling asleep. Upon awakening, they continue their games by disguising themselves, before going then to take the air, in the woods. It was then that Morgan, aided by her friend Anissa, took Bella by surprise and stabbed her 19 times.
Bella was finally found by a cyclist, on a road she had dragged herself to, and was treated in time. The two teenagers then confessed that they had been preparing this plan for six months, to prove that the Slender Man really existed. Anissa was sent to a juvenile prison and Morgan, diagnosed schizophrenic, to a psychiatric hospital. The latter pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder, reports Le Monde, while the former pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree homicide because of "a disability or mental illness," according to CNN .
Thursday 1 st February Geyser Morgan  was eventually sentenced to 40 years of psychiatric confinement instead of jail. His lawyers will be allowed to apply for his release every six months. If his parents can call him and visit him several times a week, the courts will have to authorize each outing. In addition, access to the Internet will be prohibited, says Paris Match .
For her part, Anissa Weir was sentenced last December to 25 years in a psychiatric facility and may apply for release after three years. If doctors consider her fit to return to society, she will be monitored by the authorities until she turns 37 years old.
A film about this gloomy story will be released on August 22 at the cinema. Here is the trailer:

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