Stan Lee celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a joke to the team

We are going to say it quickly so that it hurts less: this 2018 marks the tenth anniversary since the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born. ' Iron Man ' premiered in 2008, and it was the film that saw the birth of one of the last empires in the world of cinema. The team from around the universe has made a great family photo like we've never seen with more superheroes than we can count on. And, of course, the celebration could not miss Stan Lee.

'Stan Lee joins the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe'

Although a few days ago he was hospitalized urgently, the writer recovered favourably and has demonstrated this by celebrating this anniversary through his social networks. He has posted the amazing family photo on his Instagram, which also appears, accompanied by a fun text in the style of Stan Lee, which does not hesitate to spend a joke (with love, yes) to the team :

"Congratulations, Marvel Studios, on your 10th anniversary, I've been in this business for 77 years ... You only have 67 left and you get me! "

The creator of Spider-Man and Iron Man among many others has had a close relationship with Marvel films since its inception. Not only has he created many of his characters, but he also stars in cameos in each of the films. In 'Iron Man', without going any further, Lee appeared on a red carpet and was confused with Hugh Hefner, the tycoon and founder of Playboy.

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