This baby is the first trisomy 21 to become the face of the world's No. 1 in the diet of children

Gerber, owned by the world's leading food company, Nestle, elects a "baby-gerber" each year to represent the brand's image, the baby that best exemplifies the company's values. This year, and for the first time since the contest, a baby with trisomy was unanimous.
For the record, Gerber is the first brand to have born baby pots, a small revolution for the daily moms. Dan Gerber, an American farmer from Michigan, the creator of baby jars was inspired by his wife, mother of a 7 month old baby girl. While she had the idea to prepare several small pots of fruits and vegetables for their baby in order to benefit from a considerable saving of time, the farmer retained the idea. In 1927, the baby food trade was launched. Then in 2007, Nestlé bought the brand for the modest sum of $ 5.5 billion.

Today, Gerber is in the forefront of the world's infant foods and has been organizing every year, since 2010, a photo contest of the baby that represents the most the brand. In 1928, very shortly after the idea of ​​Dan Gerber was commercialized, a contest was organized to find the baby who will become until today, the muse of the brand.
His smile is contagious. At Told magazine, his mom, Cortney, says of him that he "likes to play, likes to laugh and likes to make others laugh" . Lucas is radiant, happy and gives the impression of being in good shape. "Every year, we choose the baby that best represents Gerber's long-standing legacy, recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby," said brand manager Bill Partyka. Chosen among 140,000 baby photographs, Lucas caught the eye and the general manager added that "this year, Lucas fits perfectly" . And while he wins the 2018 title of "Gerber Spokesbaby," his parents will also receive $ 50,000.
If his election may seem trivial, it is not the case for his dad, Jason Warren, very proud of the victory of his son: "We hope that it will resonate in everyone. That this victory will bring a little light and help more people with special needs, help them to be more accepted and no longer limited. They have the potential to change the world, at least as much as anyone else . " A beautiful message of hope, that the brand helped to highlight by electing Lucas.

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