The governor of Kentucky blames the video games of the shooting in USA

On February 14, a student entered armed with a semiautomatic rifle in a school in Florida and ended the life of 17 people. Matt Bevin, the governor of Kentucky has linked this fact with video games:

"There are videogames that, of course, are classified for adults, but children and others keep playing them, everyone knows, and there is nothing to prevent or prevent those children from playing those titles, they celebrate the killings and murders in them. They are games that allow people to get points for things that these students then do in real life, inside the institutes. We talk about games where you get extra points for killing someone who is begging for your life. "
"These video games are garbage, like pornography, they snatch any kind of value from human life, they eliminate the dignity of women and of the human race itself, they are video games that are sowing a culture of violence and rape"
"I think we should start to consider what kind of value these products have, because who needs a videogame that invites people to kill?" Why do we need violent lyrics in music, violent movies or violent series? I think that producers should look for other values instead of feeding the morbid
"At what price are you making money with these products? Is not it better to lose a couple of bucks for them? At what price is success sold? We are adults, and we must stop acting like children." We need to take a step forward and make clear that it is right and wrong "

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