The movie based on 'Call of Duty' already has a director and is a specialist in shooting action thrillers

It seems that finally the movie of 'Call of Duty'In 2015, Activision Blizzard Studios announced the launch of a film adaptation of this popular video game franchise, with the intention of releasing it in 2018 or 2019, and now we know the name of the director they have chosen to take charge of the project. : Stefano Sollima.

If this director does not sound like you, you have not seen the impressive 'Suburra' yetHe has also directed 10 episodes of the series 'Gomorra', one of the greatest hits of Italian television, to such an extent that the third season was released in cinemasHis talent has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood and before accepting the proposal of 'Call of Duty' and dealt with the sequel to 'Sicario', taking over from Denis Villeneuve.
Kieran Fitzgerald (screenwriter of the film 'Snowden' or the series 'Wormwood' ) is writing this first film based on 'Call of Duty'. Apparently, the plan of Activision Blizzard Studios is to create an original movie that is true to the tone of the games, instead of moving to the big screen the history of some of the deliveries that have been released to date. And the intention is that this first film supposes the beginning of an own cinematographic universe, to the style of Marvel.
Of course, that will be if the first 'Call of Duty' is successful at the box office, something that is not at all clear, still the video game films are not having the luck of which they enjoy the adaptations of superhero comics. Remember that 'Call of Duty' is an action game in the first person and warlike, created by Ben Chichoski in 2003. The story was initially set in World War II although it has led to more modern conflicts and also fictitious, becoming in one of the best-known and most successful video game sagas.
Source:- Variety , darkhorizons

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