Top 6 advantages and disadvantages of dragging apps in illustrations

With the advent of smartphones, in the 21st century, we have seen changes in the magnitude: special applications meet. Apps based on physical appearance that can create some narcissism in some people, even anxiety and depression in others. As much to tell you that there are advantages and disadvantages to this kind of dating systems. Amelia B and Paul Westover for College Humor have done some illustrations on the subject to see more clearly.

1. Meet people outside your social circle / Meet people you intentionally leave outside this circle

Disadvantages : The Westboro Baptist Church has good ideas. (This "church" is known for its hate speech, its best-known slogan: "God hates fags")

2. Quickly clear people with whom we have nothing in common / Eliminate everyone a little too quickly

3. Link links quickly / But lose those links fast

Disadvantages : "It was cool. Do you want us to spend the rest of the evening together? "

4. It's handy / Maybe it's a bit too practical

5. There are all styles and all genres / People are more alike than you thought

6. You can find someone with whom it will work / But after that, you will not be able to go on dragging apps anymore

Disadvantages : "Steeeuplait, let me just switch one! "
You too are addict to this kind of apps? Otherwise, your daily life would be meaningless? Do you know what could make sense of your life right now? Some oily illustrations of people who have humour, the real one.

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