Spice Girls prepare an animated superhero movie

"That's exactly what Marvel or Disney might need."

Variety  recently learned that Spice Girls were working on a new animated film. According to their sources, the 5 members of the group have signed so that characters similar to them appear on the screen, in order to transmit a message of "girl power". We will find  Victoria Beckham  (as "Posh Spice"),  Melanie Brown  (as "Scary Spice"),  Emma Bunton  (as "Baby Spice"),  Melanie Chisholm (as "Sporty Spice") and  Geri Halliwell (as "Ginger Spice"). The latter will each have a skill that will be their own.
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This information comes right after a rumor announced a meeting of the singers about a possible return on stage. While members of the group confirmed that they had met well,  "to consider new opportunities together," a return on stage would be  "premature," says a source close.

With this new film, the singers are  "bloated for this project," adds the informant  Variety . "The Spices Girls are currently thinking of which studio they could sell that, they are the best-selling girls band in the world, which is exactly what Marvel or Disney might need . "

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